Government Gardens

In September 1976 the Government decided that gardens attached to Government Buildings and the Commission should maintain properties and thus the control of the staff of twenty-seven (27) gardens of Government buildings was transferred from the Ministry of Agriculture with effect from April 1, 1977.

These areas include are listed as follows:
  1. Government House
  2. Government Headquarters
  3. Culloden Farm
  4. Codrington House
  5. Marine House
  6. Public Buildings
  7. Military Cemetery
  8. The Chief Justice’s Residence
  9. The Public Service Commission
  10. The Caribbean Development Bank
  11. The Ministry of Agriculture
  12. The Ministry of Trade
  13. The Labour Department
  14. Verona House
  15. Sir Frank Worrell’s Grave
  16. The Fairchild Street Market
  17. Pine Plantation House
  18. The Public Library
  19. Open Window Bay Street
  20. Old Hospital Buildings

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