Stipulations For The Use Of Parks, Beaches And Open Areas

  1. Submit a written request to the General Manager, National Conservation Commission not less than three (3) weeks prior to the date of the proposed activity. Such request should indicate the nature of the type of activity to be hosted, date and time of the activity, and the number of patrons expected.
    1. Approval of Request - The Commission undertakes to provide a response granting permission for the use of a park, beach or open area within two (2) weeks provided that all required information is obtained from the applicant.
  2. Fees – A fee is applicable for (a) the use of selected facilities for the hosting of fund raising and commercial activities. (b) For the use of space on which structures are to be erected. Structures include stages, tents, bars, stalls and jumping tents. The applicant should therefore indicate the number of structures to be erected.
  3. Fees are charged at non-commercial or commercial rate in accordance with the following:
    • The Non-commercial Rate is applied for the use of space where an activity is not used for profit making or advertising purposes. This rate is also applied for fund raising activities, by schools, churches and other non profit or charitable organizations
    • The Commercial Rate is applied for the use of space where an activity is used for fund raising, profit making or advertising purposes. 
    • A basic cleaning fee is payable for the use of an area as determined by the Commission. This fee will be increased in proportion to the amount of additional patrons attending the activity.
  4. Insurance– Applicants are required to obtain Public Liability Insurance in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) for activities at which more than one hundred (100) patrons but less than one thousand (1, 000) are expected.
  5. Security – Applicants are required to apply for security services from the Royal Barbados Police Force for activities, which will attract more than two hundred (200) patrons. Final approval will not be given for any activity for which the stipulations at numbers 5 & 6 apply unless the relevant documents have been submitted to the Administration Department of the National Conservation Commission by 3:30 p.m. at least two working days prior to the activity.
  6. Playing of Music – Approval for the playing of D.J./amplified music will be given in conjuction with the Royal Barbados Police Force solely for activities at which live entertainment is the main attraction, special events or activities which are hosted as part of national celebrations.
  7. Chemical Toilets - Applicants are required to obtain chemical toilets for activities, which attract more than two hundred (200) patrons in accordance with a formula developed by the Ministry of Health, which determines the number of persons per unit.

Applicants must also comply with the following stipulations:

  1. No music (played by a disc jockey or recorded) is allowed.
  2. No open/wood fires are allowed; only Stove/Grill may be used.
  3. No permission is granted for the erection of structures at Park/Beach/Area unless an application is made for such erection.
  4. No permission is given for exclusive use of the Park/Beach/Area unless such is clearly specified by letter or contract.
  5. No driving/riding is allowed on a beach or in a park.
  6. All garbage must be removed immediately after the event.
  7. The applicant is required to show his/her letter of approval to the security officer on duty at the site and to obey any reasonable directions given by him/her.
  8. The applicant will be required to pay for any damage done to plants and property during his/her occupation of premises.
  9. The Commission does not hold itself responsible for any personal injury, loss of equipment or personal effects or any loss or damage, however caused, during your occupation of the premises.