Play Parks

The Benefits of Play

Play is such a great  part of childs life that people often overlook its role in a child’s development. It is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and educational well being of children and youth and is so important to optimal child development that the United Nations High Commission has recognized it for Human Rights as a right of every child.

Cognitive development includes the mastering of new concepts, imagination, abstract thinking, problem solving and creativity. Physically, play helps develop a child’s growing muscles. It also lets out nervous energy which if not expressed makes children tense and irritable.

Socially, play leads children to behave in a social manner. Without it, the child becomes selfish and domineering. From playing with others, the child learns conflict resolution, to share, to co-operate and make friends.

Educationally, play encouraging children to explore and discover together and on their own, provides opportunities for collaborative learning with adults and peers play teaches young children to perceive shapes, colours, sizes, and textures etc.

In fulfilling our mandate, we build self-esteem, confidence and strengthen families which by extension strengthen communities and the country as a whole.

Play Parks

St. James

  1. Abbey Stone Drive Play Park
  2. Folkestone Beach
  3. Folkestone Park
  4. Haynesville Play Park
  5. Husbands Play Park
  6. Toddler’s Play Park
  7. West Terrace Play Park

St. Michael

  1. Aubrey Grant Play Park
  2. Barker’s Play Park
  3. Batts Rock St. Michael
  4. Batts Rock Play Park
  5. Belfield Play Park
  6. Bush Hall Play Park
  7. Deacon’s Play Park
  8. Eden Lodge Play Park
  9. Ferniehurst Play Park
  10. Golden Acres Play Park
  11. Grazettes Play Park
  12. Ivy Play Park
  13. Longford Play Park
  14. Lyder’s Park
  15. Pebbles Play Park
  16. Queen's Park

St. John

  1. Bath
  2. Bath Play Park
  3. Colleton Play Park

St. Lucy

  1. Coconut Hall Play Park

St. Philip

  1. Crane Play park
  2. King George V. Memorial Park
  3. Six Roads Play Park
  4. Three Houses Play Park

St. George

  1. Drax Hall Play Park
  2. Salisbury Play Park

St. Peter

  1. Farley Hill Park
  2. Farley Hill Play Park
  3. Golden Mile Play Park
  4. Maynards Play Park

St. Joseph

  1. Lammings Play Park
  2. St. Elizabeth Play Park

Christ Church

  1. Rockley Beach
  2. Rockley Recreational Park
  3. Sayes Court Play Park
  4. Silver Hill Park
  5. Silver Sands (Heritage) Play Park
  6. Silver Sands Park
  7. Wotton Play Park

St. Thomas

  1. Welchman Hall Play Park