OPERATION S.O.S - “Save Our Selves”

Summer 2017

Registration forms

Learning to swim is a life skill that can prove to be very useful throughout one’s life. The ability to swim is not only a great way to keep fit; it is a life saving skill which is an important preventative measure in relation to accidental drowning.  Additionally, knowledge of the aquatic environment and how to be safe in and around it is essential for all beach users and citizens generally; especially those residing on an island of approximately 166sq miles.

The National Conservation Commission, as part of its community outreach/public education programmes will once again be hosting “Operation S.O.S.” - Save Our Selves. “Operation S.O.S is a learn to swim programme for persons 10yrs and older,  which included discussions on drowning  prevention; the do’s & don’ts of water safety; understanding currents; understanding & interpreting flags , beach signage, wind & waves (eg. sets & lulls) etc. The programme is designed to acquaint participants with the experience of ocean swimming and its hazards, while exposing them to an environment that will teach respect for the marine environment in order to promote more responsible behaviours. The National Conservation Commission’s Lifeguard Service which is the vanguard of drowning prevention in Barbados will be facilitating the programme as part of its public outreach programme.

The programme will accommodate one hundred (100) persons 10yrs and over and will be hosted for a six (6) week period at Brownes Beach (Near the beach facility). It will commence on July 19th and culminating on August 23rd. 2017. Training is scheduled for Wednesdays from 10:00am – 11:00am.

On completion, it is expected that participants should be able to swim (save themselves), identify & understand some of the threats that may be encountered in the aquatic environment. Participants are also expected to leave with a greater understanding and respect for the marine environment gained by daily physical contact with the environment and through lectures and discussions on pertinent marine and aquatic topics.


The Commission is inviting persons 10 years & older to register to participate in the program.  Registration forms will be available from May 15, 2017 at our headquarters located at Codrington. Please note: A registration fee of $10.00 will be charged to all persons 13yrs – 64yrs. This fee will be waived for persons in the following age ranges:

  1. 10 – 12 yrs.
  2. 65yrs & over

Completed registration forms with payment must be made at the National Conservation Commission Headquarters on or before June 19, 2017.

For more information please contact Mr. Ricardo Marshall, Special Projects Officer of the National Conservation Commission at Tel: 425-1200 or Mr. Dave Bascombe, Lifeguard Instructor.

We look forward to the continued participation of the general public in these programmes as we seek to impart the skills of Lifesaving which are so important to all citizens of the Island which is surrounded by water.