NCC Signage

Over the last eight years, the Commission has significantly improved the quality of signage found on the properties falling under its aegis. A concerted effort was made wherever possible to standardize signage in order to create a recognizable “corporate look” and to facilitate easy sign changes.
The functionality of the signs in terms of the message transfer was of primary focus, whether they were used to:

  • Identify vendor’s Markets
  • Identify beach accesses and the various amenities at a particular location
  • Sensitize the populace on pertinent environmental issues (Information on Recycling, Importance of beach vegetation etc.)
  • Strengthen user safety and comfort of use at the coastal and terrestrial parks.

To this end, the Commission, sought where possible to ensure that all signage placed would complement the environment. An approach was therefore adopted that captured both aesthetic and educational values to maximize benefits to the public.