Community-Based Coral Reef Monitoring And Management

The Community-based Coral Reef Monitoring and Management project was developed by the Caribbean Conservation Association to strengthen the participation and capacity of stakeholders to improve management of coral reef biodiversity and related resources at Folkestone Marine Reserve.

People and Corals Training

People and Corals Training introduced teachers to the People and Coral Education Resource Pack and to build their capacity to inform primary school students about coral reef biodiversity.
• Twenty-two teachers trained in use of workbook.
• Each teacher received a copy of the workbook.
• Teachers provided with first hand exposure to coral reef ecology.

Procurement and distribution of materials

Literature provided to the Folkestone Marine Reserve and primary schools across the island.
  • Annotated bibliography with documents regarding the Folkestone Marine Reserve and CD with selected articles.
  • Five copies of the People and Coral workbooks have been distributed to over 52 of 80 primary schools across the island.

Junior Coral Reef Ambassadors

The JCR Ambassadors programme is a youth advocacy programme that builds capacity of young people to promote coral conservation and education. The programme currently targets schools within close proximity to the Folkestone Marine Reserve.
  • Seven teachers from five schools trained for the programme.
  • Five copies of manual delivered to the five schools.
  • Twenty-seven students have enrolled in the programme.
  • Ambassadors participated in five training workshops and activities.
  • Official JCRA logo and pledge prepared by students.

Community Reef Watchers Programme

The Reef Watchers programme is a community-based coral reef monitoring regime being implemented at the Folkestone Marine Reserve to facilitate the development of a coral reef monitoring database. The programme involves local divers that will be working together with scientists to monitor reefs adjacent to the reserve.
  • Seven reefs adjacent to reserve are monitored.
  • Two training workshops conducted.
  • Nineteen persons trained in the Reef Watchers protocol.
  • Eleven volunteers enrolled in the programme.
  • Reef Watcher package inclusive of the manual and underwater reef guides.
  • Instructional DVD has been prepared and distributed.

Folkestone Marine Reserve’s Summer Programme 

The aim of the programme was to educate children, ages 7-11 years, of the importance of the Reserve. The programme involved both classroom activities and recreational activities. Classroom sessions involved learning about coral reef ecosystems and sea turtles. Recreational activities encompassed learning to snorkel, a glass bottom boat trip and hawksbill sea turtle hatchling release.
• 10 children participated in the programme (6-15yrs old).
• Two JCR Ambassadors and one member of the St. James Parish Ambassador Committee assisted facilitators with the classroom sessions.
• Facilitators were from NCC, Folkestone, CERMES, and Barbados Sea Turtle Project.


The project facilitates networking between project stakeholders and the local Folkestone community about the activities implemented by the project.
  • Six of issues of the ReefComm Newsletter produced.
  • Nineteen members are members of the project’s yahoo egroup.
  • All project report documents are available on the project’s
  • Exhibit of project achievements held at Holetown library.