Barbados Lifeguard Service - EMT Training


Christopher Gajadhar (left) & Jason Gilkes (right)
Two (2) members of the Barbados Lifeguard Service, Christopher Gajadhar and Jason Gilkes recently completed an Emergency Medical Technician certification programme at the Barbados Community College during the period May 07-July 27,2018.

Successful completion of the programme which allows trained individuals to administer oxygen will be beneficial to the Service and is the latest in a number of areas in which lifeguards have been given the opportunity to enhance their skills.

These lifeguards will now be able to provide a higher standard of care to victims of near drowning, cerebro-vascular incidents or any major injury thereby increasing the victim's chances of recovery and survival. This is particularly important given that the response time for an ambulance to some of the rural sites can be at least twenty (20) minutes.

Both lifeguards were commended for their interest and general performance during the programme with Mr.Gajadhar being specially mentioned for giving valuable assistance to the tutors in conducting some aspects of the training.

The National Conservation Commission wishes to extend its congratulations to Messrs Gajadhar and Gilkes for attaining this certification and will ensure that as other lifeguards acquire the prerequisites for acceptance into the programme, they are also given the opportunity to upgrade their skills in this area.