Adopt the Reserve Initiative - The Fact Sheet

The importance of the marine reserve is to establish a sanctuary for marine life, to provide economic growth in the community based on park activities, to provide educational opportunities and to provide recreational use.

About the Folkestone Marine Reserve

  • Established in 1981 and is currently the only legislated marine reserve on the island
  • Area is ~2.2sq km and covers 11% of the west coast
  • High marine biodiversity: fringing reefs, patch reefs and offshore bank reefs, nesting and foraging sea turtles, mangrove lagoon (locally known as Holetown)
  • Four zones designated for recreation, scientific research and watersports.

Importance of the Marine Reserve?

  • To establish a sanctuary for marine life
  • To provide economic growth in the community based on park activities
  • To provide educational opportunities
  • To provide recreational use

Importance of the reserve to the private sector

  • Good marketing product
  • Frequent monitoring and surveillance
  • Zonation for recreational use

Importance of adopting the reserve initiative

To enhance, maintain and monitor the Folkestone Marine Reserve through supporting programmes, facilitating construction of appropriate infrastructure and provision of equipment.