Adopt -A-Park or Beach Programme


In 1991, the Commission in its role to seek to protect the environment and maintain healthy and aesthetic surroundings throughout the island embanked on a programme to encourage the youth, corporate Barbados & the general public to assist in achieving these aims and objects.
Invitations were therefore extended to business houses, youth organizations, schools and service groups to participate.

The programme which provided for the adoption of a school by the business house/service group and the adoption of a park/beach by the school involved the patrol of the particular area especially on weekends, public holiday and during the vacation with a view to discouraging persons from trampling and destroying vegetation.
A favorable response was received to the programme and by the end of October 1991 seven (7) organizations had committed themselves to participate. These included Texaco Caribbean Ltd, Cave and Guyana’s Limited.
After a thorough evaluation of the programme, the Commission decided to restructure it in order to present a more structured approach to the administration of the project under the same principle as stated above.

The restructured programme will be piloted at the King George v Park in partnership with the Hilda Skeene Primary School & the Barbados Peace Council, and will be extended to additional parks under the aegis of Commission after an evaluation at the end of the first year.
Interested schools/groups or organizations may contact Mr. Ricardo Marshall of the National Conservation Commission of (246) 425-1200.

Adopt-a-Park / Beach

What is the purpose of the Adopt-a-Park / Beach programme?

The National Conservation Commission’s Adopt-a-Park/beach Programme is intended to promote public & private sector involvement in the conservation, improvement and support of the islands public Parks & beaches through the fostering of strategic partnerships.

There are six easy steps for your organization/group/school to follow:

  • Select a Park/beach
  • Select a school or organization/group to partner with
  • Complete and sign the Adopt-a-Park/beach application form
  • Coordinate your proposed project(s) with your partner & the Adopt-a-Park/beach coordinator or Park Superintendent
  • Recruit and schedule volunteers from your organization/group/school to implement the project(s)
  • Complete an activity report and submit to the Park/beach Superintendent/ Adopt-a-Park/beach Coordinator upon completion of your project

An evaluation (Adopters/Senior Field Superintendents) will be facilitated once every quarter to monitor progress and to address any concerns.

Who can adopt?

Ideally, we will endeavour to foster partnerships with private sector organizations and schools, organized groups located in the environs of the particular park/beach.
Any civic-minded group, organization or school could adopt a park/beach. Private sector corporations, scout groups, cadets, professional organizations and social clubs are a few examples.

What is the required input?

There will be a level of flexibility in this regard. However, participants will be required to engage in at least two environmental exercises or work sessions per quarter. This may include but is not limited to planting trees, preparing flower beds, pruning shrubs, beach clean up etc.

Will the organization/group have to purchase garden tools etc.?

The Commission will have tools at most of the major parks/beaches, however it is recommended that basic tools be procured especially as it relates to the smaller parks/beaches where NCC staff are not stationed.

Will previous experience be a pre-requisite to participate in this programme?

No previous experience is necessary; however, it would be an asset. Our trained staff will be on hand to provide the necessary technical support.

What are the responsibilities of an adopting organization/group?

By adopting a park/beach, the organization/group/school commits to enhancing and maintaining the park/beach or section of the park/beach, through the planting of trees/shrubs, pruning, painting, flower bed preparation and/or any other approved projects. The project must enhance the beauty and/or increase comfort of use within the park/beach for a minimum period of one year. A minimum of eight work sessions must be performed over the course of the year.

The organization/group/school will have the flexibility to choose their area of interest once the area is available. However, you must liaise with the Programme Coordinator(s) or Park/beach Superintendent before commencing any project or porgramme. This would ensure that your proposed project or programme is in keeping with the overall work programme for the park & similarly follows the guidelines as detailed in the islands Beach Management Plan.

What are benefits of the programme?

Adopters will derive great satisfaction by becoming stewards of the park/beach. They will have pleasure knowing that by being part of the programme they are making a difference through a hand on approach, which enhances and preserves & conserves the environment.
The partnership will be promoted through the placement of the appropriate signage at the adopted park/beach. This will offer a measure of PR and advertising/goodwill that demonstrate the civic mindedness of the adopter.
Adopters will be able to use the facilities for training exercises and recreational activities (subject to authorization) - e.g. Team building exercises, group sessions, exercise programmes and picnics.
Schools will be encouraged to utilize the park/beach for the purpose of bringing the classroom to a more natural environment.

The Commission will co-ordinate workshops focusing topics such as:

  • The importance of trees
  • Plant propagation techniques
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Turtle Conservation
  • Beach Stabilization
  • Waste Management

Partners are encouraged to assist in sourcing additional facilitators that may assist in the personal development and environmental education of all persons involved.
Further the Commission will encourage organized tours to our plant nursery at Codrington.
However, if you are desirous of adopting a park/beach that is not listed in the document below, the Commission will do its best to facilitate you.
We expect to extend the programme on completion of this phase and a satisfactory evaluation of the first year.

How to get started!

Contact the Adopt-a-Park / Beach Coordinator(s), Mr. Ricardo Marshall or Mr. Ryan Brathwaite at (246) 425-1200

  • Contact the following Senior Field Superintendents/Superintendents:
    • Mr. Colin Forde – Queen’s Park
      Tel: 426-2555
      (C): 231-4887
    • Mr. Tearson Hunte – King George V Park/Three Houses Park
      Tel: 4236804
      (C): 231-4837
    • Mr. David Bowen - Farley Hill Park/Folkestone Park,
      Tel: 422-2871
      (C): 231-4857
  • Visit us at the NCC Headquarters located at Codrinton House, Codrington, St. Michael.